Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Sense & Sensibility

Laura glanced around the visiting area and pulled the nail file with the pink and white paisley pattern from her purse.  She discreetly slid it across the metal table towards her incarcerated boyfriend, Jack.  He was doing one to five at the state penitentiary for armed robbery – but not for much longer, if she had any say in the matter.

Jack picked up the file, studied it, and raised an eyebrow at his girl.  “What the hell is this?”

“Nail file.”  She popped her gum and wiggled her eyebrows.  You know.”

“So I can be someone’s bitch with great nails?  Really complete the whole package?” Jack laughed, cruel rather than humorous.  “Great, Laur, just great.  Thanks.  It’s really the gift that keeps on giving.”

“Naw, not for your nails.”  She leaned in close, gnawing the fruity gum so Jack could be nauseated by both the sight and smell of it, and said in a stage whisper, “To escape.  Saw the bars, right?”  She grinned.  You know.”

Jack looked from the flimsy cardboard nail file back to Laura.  His girlfriend had seen one too many old prison movies since he’d gone into the clink.  Jack suddenly realized that without the privilege of conjugal visits, Laura just wasn’t worth his time anymore.

“I think it’s time we started seeing other people.”  Jack flipped the nail file carelessly back at Laura as he rose from his seat, hitting her square in the nose.  He ignored her squealing and called for a guard to take him back to his cell.

(Flash fiction for no particular reason - clocks in at 256 words.)

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  1. Hahahahaha! Laura cracks me up.

    Also, random flash fiction is so much fun. :)